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I had so many hopes for 2022. I told myself that this time will be "different." And while I felt this to be true to some extent, my naiveté got in the way. No amount of planning can protect you from life's plot twists.

I began my wellness and business journey Jan-22 and was slowly making improvements. I finally found the courage to make and upload a random tiktok in Feb 2022 that went viral. This video led me to thousands of followers overnight. It's probably how you found me. I had so many plans, goals, and dreams for this new chapter but I received some horrific news in March that crippled me. This situation will remain private but loosing someone you love dearly is one of the worst types of pain ever.

Grief is such a weird thing. One day you're okay and the other day you're not.

I already had difficulties with managing my mental health but this time it was different. I felt like a prisoner in my own mind. Like there was no way out.

During times like this, I remember that God is with my always and that there is no such thing as a perfect life without sadness, grief, or disappointments. I learned then that life is so fragile and finite.

While I began this journey in hopes of learning more about myself, I had to take a good look at myself. I had to come to terms with why I am the way I am. Mental illness aside, I lived life day-to-day with no backup plans.

It pains me to say that since 2017, my life hasn't changed one bit.

  • Still overweight

  • no degree

  • no savings

  • no car

  • no apartment

  • working a job that doesn't align with my purpose.

And that I dwell in a pool of insecurity, stagnation and laziness.

Well as of Sep 18th, 2022 I say "yes" to starting over.

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